1. Chapter 1:  “…this is not the moment. It’s the movement.”
    1. Bernie Sanders 2016
    2. A description of our world, History of the 20th Century, History of the American Middle Class. the end of American Democracy. Oligarchy. The end of the American Middle Class.  Citizen’s United.  Reaganomics. New Deal Democratic Policies.
  2. Chapter 2: The Real Deal
    1. Accomplishments of the New Deal
    2. What Blue Sparrow Democrats stand for:  economic and social justice everywhere in the world.  universal opportunity everywhere in the world. freedom everywhere in the world.  A free, sustainable future for every man, woman and child on earth and for generations to come.
  3. Chapter 2: The World
    1. the universal realization of the failure of modern Republican policies.  History has proven the New Deal (demand side economics) right and Supply Side Economics a catastrophic scam.
  4. Chapter 3:  The Opposition
    1. What is Conservatism.  Stonewall cognititive processes.  Moral politics.
    2. Presenting the case to liberal constituencies.
    3. Presenting the case to conservative constituencies.
    4. Presenting the case for Real Deal Democratic policies.
  5. Chapter 4: The Millenium
    1. Finally the Cavalry has arrived for the American Progressive Movement.
  6. Chapter 6: The Movement
    1. The Millenials must engage the DNC at every level, the Blue Sparrow Society will be the most public fifth column in the history of American politics.  We will carry our liberalism and our agenda of freedom, justice and opportunity to every corner of the American political landscape.  We will protect capitalsm and democracy in America and fight for freedom opportunity and justice worldwide.
    2. The Real Deal in Practice
      1. Infrastructure
      2. Effective government
      3. Retiring Debt, Increasing the Wealth of the Nation
      4. The Level Playing Field for All Americans
      5. Services
      6. Education
      7. Healthcare
  7. Chapter 7: The Future
    1. This is the moment for the movement.  This can be the deciding moment for world history when the pendulum returned from supply side, theocratic, luddite ignorance and returned to clear minded solutions.  This is the moment democracy returned to the Democratic party and through ongoing victories returned democracy and the a vibrant middle class to America.
  8. Epilogue:  The Business of America

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