Chapter I: “…this is not the moment, it’s the movement.

“It’s the Movement, Stupid!”


“Demand-Side Politics”

Chapter 1:  “…this is not the moment. It’s the movement.”

  1. Bernie Sanders 2016 –



  1. A description of our world,
  2. History of the 20th Century,
  3. History of the American Middle Class.
  4. the end of American Democracy.
  5. Oligarchy.
  6. The end of the American Middle Class.
  7. Citizen’s United.
  8. Reaganomics.
  9. New Deal Democratic Policies.
  10. The Real Deal






The Once and Future Democracy

A recent study by Princeton university revealed a very simple and startling conclusion:

In America, today the chance that any bill in Congress will be passed is 30%.  This is near constant, regardless of the level of public support.

It doesn’t matter how many times you write your Congressman.  It doesn’t matter whether your life, community, family, city, country or rights depend on it.   It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is the support of the wealthy and powerful industrial and financial interests who now own the united states government.



regardless of the level of public support for the bill.


It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate the bill.  It doesn’t matter