Flight of Sparrows: Outline

A Flight of Sparrows: How the Sanders Revolution can and must take the Democratic Party Back to its New Deal Roots to Save the Nation and the World

  1. Neoliberalism and its discontents
  2. Introduction: The Overton Window, The Powell Memo, and Two Santa Claus Theory
  3. The World as We Find It
    1. Conservatism
    2. Progressivism
    3. Our Nation, Our World
  4. Demographics and the Rising New Deal Majority
  5. Cognitive Science and the First Order of Political Discourse
  6. The New New Deal Agenda
  7. New Deal vs Reaganomics
    1. Domestic
    2. Education
    3. Energy
    4. Economics
    5. Social policy
    6. Trade
    7. Foreign Policy
  8. Effective Organization
    1. Effective Action
    2. Online
    3. Build a Better Pundit
    4. How to Engage:
      1. Green Sparrows
      2. Red Sparrows
      3. White Sparrows
      4. Blue Sparrows
      5. Party “Seal” Teams
  9. Hold the Real Deal Vision and Never Stop Fighting

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